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  SXG Series

The all-reason mower for profesionals

When faced with changing weather conditions and projects, you have to adapt quickly. So professional need equipment they can rely for a wide range of mowing jobs - day after day.

For power, reliability and sheer perseverance, nothing beats the Iseki SXG series of ride-on mowers. Not only do they many mowing jobs for you, they do them to the highest level of performance.
Such as? Superb operation for comfortable long-term use. A rear portal axle for central rear discharge and no blower.

Simply put: the SXG is the first fully professional ride-on mower that works through every weather condition and terrain giving a clean, more precise cut while collecting the grass. Cut right to the limit, with no dead sides and no fussy maneuvering. So you save precious time.

Built for daily use

When you get out there, you need to know you can rely on your equipment to get the job done - no matter what. Reliability is one of the most important things you get the SXG.

This all-weather ride-on mower runs on our own 3-cylinder diesel engine, that is both more powerful and quieter than ever. The large displacement offers full power at low engine RPM.

A large simple instrument panel is clearly visible to the operator under all working conditions and provides all necessary information about machine operating condition.

For all the situation you face

You don't choose the condition you work in, nor the state of the terrain. So choose the ride-on mower that handles almost everything.

The powerful HST and differential lock enable you to work on slope, with the wet disc brakes protected from mud and rain.

High, wet grass can be dealt with, as well as any obstacle that must be skirted. The safe and easy wash mower deck features 2 synchronised blades that cvacuato the grass through the back portal axle into the 1.86m high-dump collector.

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