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  TH Series

TH series is perfect tractor for various applications by municipality or private use, for example, cleaning path and farming of small sized agriculture field. The horsepowers of 36 (only HST version), 33 and 29PS are available with total fourteen model line-up including transmission type, Mechanical transmission or HST and Center or Rear ROPS mounting for their landscaping and agricultural applications.
New TH4365, 4335, 4295 tractor HST version has slant engine bonnet to provide good visibility for front implements applications. Full floating floor system which is mounted on rubber offers less vibration to operator.

All controls, pedals and levers are placed in suitable position to contribute efficient work and to reduce operator's fatigue even for long operation. Ergonomic HST pedal pads, combination type lighting switch and PTO model selector switch are equipped with TH series.

Larger displacement engine of 1.65 Liter is mounted on TH4365. TH4335 and TH4295 have 1.5 Liter engine. Both engines generate strong power for any applications. Thanks to flip-up engine bonnet, operator can reach engine room easily for daily maintenance.

Large 35 Liter fuel tank makes tractor work longer hours.

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